Silkpaster Finishing Abuja, Nigeria

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The project “Kitchen with View of Verandah” and liquid wallpapers of SILK PLASTER, repair with liquid Wallpaper

This time repair took place on 14-meter kitchen of a family of actors. As always our liquid wallpapers helped to carry out all ideas of designers in repair of the kitchen.

The designer Karina Ilyina worked together with team of “School of repair”. In a small aperture she installed a wooden door, and in big one a sliding partition from opaque glass triplex which won’t scatter on pieces even if it would break, so it won’t damage to children.

The owner of kitchen Irina dreamed of dacha but the family had no country house, and therefore the designer decided to build the summer kitchen with a verandah directly in the apartment.

For this purpose, we divided the placement into two parts by means of a partition from tongue-and-groove blocks. On the top we built a frame with an apportion from a bar. We received something like a window that was painted in white color.
So on the one side of the window we received a G-shaped kitchen zone. A working part was equipped with a wide oak table-top, a convenient sink and a powerful extract. Light facades of a complete kitchen as though were made of lining. All equipment was modern: refrigerator, Microwave oven, dishwasher and, of course, white induction cooking surface.

On the other side of the window there was a verandah zone. That was the place where we put the displayed dining table and a chair with a little table for needlework. The wall was decorated by a decorative panel from saw cuts of a tree which weighed 22 kg.

In kitchen the designer covered the walls with decorative SILK PLASTER of a series Recoat. This series is created from natural wood fibers which create the atmosphere of proximity to the nature.

Silk Plaster at the Abuja International Housing Show

The Abuja International Housing Show is a unique one stop-shop for construction industry stakeholders presenting new products, innovative services and technology. It is a unique forum where practitioners in the housing and construction industry meet to exchange ideas and proffer solutions to housing problems. Since 2005, the show have offered real estate stakeholders an additional medium for networking, meeting visitors who have buying capacity- face to face and sealing deals. Over the years, Abuja International Housing Show has been able to generate not only high quality audiences and sale leads for exhibitors but also great bargains for attendees. This year’s Show will featured Silk Plaster Nigeria, as it  focused on Driving Growth and Sustainability in Nigeria Housing and Mortgage Markets- Improving Structures and Policies for impact.