Liquid wall-paper appeared only 20 years ago but already won deserved popularity around the world. No doubt such covering allows to eliminate roughness, completely eco-friendly and doesn’t do harm to people and environment. Liquid wall-paper contains cotton or cellulose fibers, dyes and glue. Such wall-paper protects from external noise and doesn’t require special care.

It is necessary to apply liquid wallpapers on any surface after preliminary handling with primer. It is possible to use zinc white or aqueous emulsion instead of primer. It is desirable to use white prior covering. Solution should be applied on metal surfaces after preliminary isolation, otherwise they will begin to rust: hygroscopic properties of a covering will affect.

Why liquid wallpapers is better than usual one?

Liquid wallpapers is easy for applying. It is durable and simple in care. If you need partial repair liquid wallpapers will become the excellent choice. It is possible to process difficult surfaces with liquid wall-paper. Such wallpapers is hypoallergenic and doesn’t burn that is confirmed with safety certificates of Russia and the EU. Besides liquid wallpapers has no seams and “breathes” that provides an excellent microclimate in the apartment or the private house. Their hygroscopic properties can be compensated by means of handling by aqua- lacquer, but in this case partial repair of a surface will become impossible.


Liquid wall-papers: brands and technologies

The French, Russian and Turkish producers are presented at the World market. EU leaders liquid Wallpaper Silk Plaster

The company Silk Plaster produces liquid wall-paper more than 20 years and today it is the largest producer of silk decorative plaster (liquid wall-paper) in the world. Now the product range of the company includes more than 20 unique collections of wall-paper executed in 300 color and texture options. Silk Plaster is one of the top wall-paper producers because of output volume and time of successful work. Collections are constantly updated. Corrections also are always introduced in composition of material.

Liquid wall-paper: how to apply?

The procedure of applying wall-paper is extremely simple. At first the surface should be prepared. It has to be cleared of dust and a fungus. Then the primer is applied. After all preparations you have to mix composition in water (usually required from 2 to 7 liters depending on a collection).

It is possible to add spangles to liquid wall-paper if you desire. After that ready mixture has to be kept for about 12 hours. It is necessary that the glue structure has completely impregnated mixture. The mixture is applied on a surface by means of a transparent trowel or a gun hopper (only for some types) or by the pallet.

Use of the gun with the compressor

You should remember that use of the gun with the compressor is admissible not for all cases. The equipment has to be intended for putting decorative plaster.

The gun hopper considerably facilitates the procedure of applying wall-paper. It is used complete with the compressor that supports constant pressure at 43-75 atmospheres. Some producers provide to buyers such equipment in lease. It is impossible to use hopper only for “Danish” decorative plaster. Liquid wall-paper Silk Plaster of other producers can be put not only by the pallet but also with use of the hopper.

Silk Plaster is a large international brand. The company produces silk plaster which doesn’t burn out and isn’t a subject to depreciation. It has also hypoallergenic properties. You can see available assortment and learn more about traditions and standards of work of the company on the page with the catalog.